Ancient-Skies - Human Cultures and Their Skies

Ancient-Skies is a global scientific project which aims to collect, verify and publish available information about various human cultures, their astronomical knowledge and its representation in the sky within a single web-accessible knowledgebase. Our aim is to rely on primary sources and verify them scientifically, so that the published information is valueable to the general public and scientists all over the world.

With the unique Chance of the International Year of Astronomy - 2009 we started to communicate the project to the international astronomical community. This is critical to the project, as our overall vision

One Planet – One Mankind – One Sky One Knowledgebase

is achievable only in a global network. So if you feel that you might contribute to our project,
you are very welcome to join the team.


Ancient-Skies - Blog
Visit our featured blog today, and learn more about certain stellar constellation, about cultures and their astronomy, about names for stars, planets, sun, moon and other celestial objects - and the stories and mythologies behind these names.
Ancient-Skies - Our Vision
The relationship between humankind and the sky is as old as humankind itself. Human beings started to recognize and interpret the objects and events in the sky as soon, as they had fulfilled their basic needs.

The sky, our common and universal heritage, forms an integral part of all human cultures around the world.
Ancient-Skies - Astronomy and World Heritage

We are very proud to announce that the International Astronomical Union and its organising bodies  responsible for the IYA2009 have decided to include Ancient-Skies as part of the International Year of Astronomy - 2009 cornerstone project "Astronomy and World Heritage"