Ancient-Skies - Privacy policy


The Ancient-Skies website uses Facebook plug-ins. These plug-ins are run solely by Facebook Inc. Within our website these plug-ins are identifiable by the Facebook logo or the Facebook "Like" button. While you visit our website, your browser directly connects to Facebook servers in order to collect the contents of the plug-ins and embed these contents into the website you are browsing. In the course of this process, the information that you visited our website will be forwarded to Facebook. If you are logged into your Facebook account while visiting our website, Facebook is able to connect this website visit to your account. Interactions with the plug-ins, like clicking the "Like" button or writing comments will be directly forwarded to and stored by Facebook. If you wish to disable this transmission, you will have to log out from your Facebook account prior to visiting our website. The intended purpose and extent of Facebook's data collection as well as Facebook's processing and usage of your data, and your respective privacy rights and settings are described in Facebook's privacy policies.